Photoshop Before and After Magic!

Every time I show someone this before and after set of photos people are amazed. They let out a “Wow!” I am caught between feeling so proud that my photoshop work is that good and feeling like oh my goodness was I that ugly in the before!?

This photo was taken January 1, 2011 in the am. We had spent the night before (New Year’s Eve) at my sister’s house partying it up with my siblings and nieces and nephews. We went to bed really late and got up really early to get back home. We slept in the clothes we are wearing because we were too tired to change before hitting the sack. My 20 year old niece was showing an interest in photography at the time and I handed her my camera and hugged my kids. She took a few shots and then I realized we should do it for real. So we went next to the piano in the newly painted golden room and posed. Everyone smiled and giggled because we had not even brushed our teeth yet. It was fun.

New Years 2011 Familyblog

The above photo is the after photo. Below is the before photo. One of the first things I notice in the before photo is the camera angle. My head looks huge! The wide 28mm lens distorts us a little. Since I am closer to the foreground my head looks giant compared to my husbands head. SOoo, what’s a girl to do? I made his head and shoulders bigger so that he looks more like him and less like a character from BEETLEJUICE.

Next, I have gave myself some eye makeup, a little blush, made everyone look less red. I also hated the crease in my neck. You would think as a photographer I would remember not to suck my head back into a turtle position but I was laughing and all my education went out the window. So, I cloned myself some hair placed it carefully under what is supposed to be my chin and wella! Now there is a clear definition between my neck and my chin. Good for me.

I took the most of the glare off the glasses from both of my sons. Then I sat back said, “hmm. That’s not bad.” Then I went and did one more thing. I made my nose just a tiny bit smaller. Now it was perfect!

New Years 2010_0174

My kids loves to tell people that I made Dad’s head bigger because my head is huge.


They tell everyone who visits us as they pass it hanging in the dining room.

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