We are all beautiful…

A few weeks ago I saw this video on facebook.  It made me think of how we see ourselves.  I am guilty of criticizing myself at every turn and I hate seeing pictures of myself.  I have gorgeous friends that pick themselves apart.  They have know idea how beautiful they are.  Don’t even get me started on the teenagers and young women I know.  All they can see are the flaws in mirror and all I see is their beauty and the amazing 20 something skin!


click here to view the Dove Beauty video

I have wonderful good looking clients that can’t stand to look at the photos of themselves.  I get it.  I am always running away from anyone pointing a camera at me.  I am never thin enough.  But here is the problem with running from the camera.  We are erasing ourselves from our family history.  My mother, a gorgeous woman, never liked to have her photo taken.  A few years ago for my parents 50th Anniversary I went digging through the old photo albums to make an anniversary book for them.  There were hardly any pictures of my mother because she hated having her photo taken.  It doesn’t matter what you think you look like.  Your kids, your husband, your friends love you and think you look amazing!  Believe it.

I want to break the cycle.  We need to change the way we see ourselves.  I want my daughter and my nieces to look in the mirror and know how beautiful and smart and funny they are and feel empowered.  So I am biting the bullet and posting some photos of myself WITHOUT PHOTOSHOP!  I have drug some family members and friends into this photo post but they belong here with me because we are all beautiful to someone (and I’m a little scared to have that many photos of just me).

Dove Natural with Photoshop

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4 Responses to We are all beautiful…

  1. Shelley DeMarco says:

    I saw the same video and found it moving. Thought provoking point Dee, one that I truly need to take to heart! Your portraits are beautiful! Thanks a million for taking time to share!

  2. Dee says:

    You’re beautiful Shelley! Next time we photograph your kids I am going to bribe you to get in the shot! :)

  3. Karen Biggs says:

    AGREED! While I don’t enjoy having my photo taken either nor looking at it afterward if I do, I look back at my family pictures and I’m not in many…mostly because I’m the one taking them. : ( So this past Mother’s day, I set the camera on timer and set in on a counter top and took the best portrait I could of me and my girls. When everyone compliments the photo about how beautiful my daughters are and how much they look like me, I smile. Because yes they are and yes they do and while I may have more grey hair, wrinkles, etc., etc. than I used to, I’m o.k. with me (inside and out). I teach my girls to think the same way. Thanks for sharing Dee…you have always been beautiful (inside and out) and ALWAYS HAD THE BEST HAIR TOO!!!! : )

  4. Dee says:

    I can not wait for 80’s hair to be back in style Karen! You and your daughters ARE beautiful inside and out! and Brian is ok too. :)

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